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It is so simple. Our government has a constitutional law that we elect  representatives, who swear an oath too defend, to manage our state and national government system. The purpose of the constitution was to organize a government system to protect the freedoms of citizens from the abuse of power from tyrannical governments of the past.  Tyrannical governments were spawned from greed of money and power where abuses to citizens were done to maintain that power through bribery, murder and force. Our founders of the American government took the studies of past abuses of government, debated the solutions and drew up a declaration of independence because of the abuses of British Power motivated by the Rothschild bankers. We fought for American independence and created a constitution to protect our government from greed of power and split the powers so that people had control over how the government system was to run.

We must understand the Rothschild family spread their banking power throughout Europe, and the power of money came with lies and deceit from the greed for money and power. Meyer Rothschild famous quote about the issuance of money says it all. Today the Rothschild controls the majority of money on the planet through the control of central banks. The Rothschild family even controls the Roman Catholics Vatican Bank thereby controlling the majority of Christian religion to control the masses as was done in Europe through the dark ages.  World Wars are fought over the power of Rothschild control of money. George Bushes access of evil countries are the list of countries that do not have a Rothschild central bank system. America attacked Iraq for the Rothschild world domination because it is the plan to take over the middle east and Iraq was gong to resist and trade their oil away from the Federal Reserve Banking system. And now we are gong to attack Iran.

America has been hijacked by Rothschild banking interests through the continual erosion of Americans knowledge and the functions of government. It is so mysterious on how all this works. Why cannot the people see this as plain as day when the facts and history is explained to them. The change is so simple to do what the constitution says to do. If we only use non debt based treasury money for barter and exchange, that is backed by a true asset that cannot be created from thin air, this cuts the power and greed out of our money system and we Americans can go about our daily lives and work industriously as we did before JP Morgan took over Peabody’s inheritance that was founded by the Rothschild banking interest of Europe. President Lincoln and Kennedy got Assassinated when they tried to take control of the nations money from the Rothschild.

Our country got hijacked by continual assaults on our government system through bribery, murder coercion and the use of propaganda, that is, the control of school education and the control over main stream media news and information system. Our founders and statesmen described all of this to us but by the use of mind indoctrination by the government controllers our country got taken over by the greatest hoax in any time in world history.

The solution is to organize groups of people in our own State in Maine and take back our local, county and state government and reassert our constitutional rights as defined in the constitution. We can join in with the many other states doing the same and take back our country. Everything else that we are hoaxed into discussing for curing America will be a futile attempt until we address the core problem of America. We must demand a sound monetary medium of exchange that is not manipulated by criminals that want to take control of us and our country. This problem is not to big for discussion. Why ignore the fact that the false fiat dollar that is controlled by the bankers since 1913 is only worth 1.5 cents in trading value today, and soon to be totally worthless. We have been robbed by this big hoax. It is the main issue that has destroyed America and so many other countries around the planet.  If we cannot rally around the facts that have destroyed America what can we rally around to take back our God given rights and freedoms.

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