It is about the law

Constitutional Law of the Land

It is about the Law.  The Constitution of the state and federal government system is the law of the land as authorized by the free people with unalienable rights from God. Read and study the founding documents of America and discover how badly our government has digressed today. We must remember that the constitutional power of our government system, that our founders established, is in “We the People”. We are not a democracy and do not elect dictators but “We the People” elect representation to carry out our authority.

* Declaration of Independence, (Link) When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
* Preamble of US Constitution, (Link) We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
* Preamble of Maine Constitution, (Link) Objects of government.  We the people of Maine, in order to establish justice, insure tranquility, provide for our mutual defense, promote our common welfare, and secure to ourselves and our posterity the blessings of liberty, acknowledging with grateful hearts the goodness of the Sovereign Ruler of the Universe in affording us an opportunity, so favorable to the design; and, imploring God’s aid and direction in its accomplishment, do agree to form ourselves into a free and independent State, by the style and title of the State of Maine and do ordain and establish the following Constitution for the government of the same.
* Maine Constitution, Article I. Declaration of Rights.
Section 1. Natural rights
. (Link) All people are born equally free and independent, and have certain natural, inherent and unalienable rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing and protecting property, and of pursuing and obtaining safety and happiness.
Section 2. Power inherent in people. All power is inherent in the people; all free governments are founded in their authority and instituted for their benefit; they have therefore an unalienable and indefeasible right to institute government, and to alter, reform, or totally change the same, when their safety and happiness require it.

Our government has been defiled with the drunkenness of power of the Elite who have hijacked our nation’s governmental system. When we elect our representatives to the government, it is constitutionally mandated that they swear an oath to preserve protect and defend the constitutions, and to abide by only those laws of government which are authorized by the people. To do otherwise is an act of treason against the people whom they serve.

Because no one enforces the Constitutional law, our governments do not work according to the constitutions as authorized. Our governments were designed with limitations of power in order to protect the rights and freedom of the citizens and to secure us from tyranny. A separation of powers was implemented that strictly limits the branches of the federal government and leaves most of the authority within the local governments where the people have the greatest amount of control.

There is a faction of world elites, who exert their ideology of world domination through the control of false fiat money. Our founders fought a revolution against such activity and designed our government to protect our natural, inherent rights and freedoms. Those elites were the same banking interests who hijacked Europe. They were known as the Federalists, and were funded by European Bankers who have continually fought against and tried to destroy our constitutional republican form of government. Ever since Franklin D. Roosevelt, our constitutional government has been continually eroded and operating under the form of a democracy which was destined to destroy our constitutional republic. This has been done through continual lies and deceit against the people.

The banking Elites bribe many of our government officials to do their bidding against the American people. They purchased the American information system to train our lawyers, corporate leaders, and our government servants to work for their agenda. We elect criminal representation that is sold to us by the banker controlled news media system. The main stream news media system deviously assassinates the character of the people’s choices for good government representation and the people unknowingly elect the choices designed for the demise of our own constitutional government.

Today we have a central government with too much power. The president usurps congressional authority and creates laws when his only constitutional power is to administer laws enacted by Congress. The Congress ignores the will of the people and enacts laws dictated to them by the world Elites. The majority of the people have been propagandized to accept this unlawful form of government and are ignorant of the difference.  Today the American public is being indoctrinated by our government-run education system and misinformed by the mainstream media to be ignorant of our inherent rights as defined in the constitutions.  The American people are led to believe that government has a totalitarian rule over the laws that are imposed upon us.

It is time to return our system of government to the owners it, “We The People”. American patriots have been sounding this alarm for over 100 years. The messages have been clearly spoken by presidents, congressmen,  representatives and many concerned citizens. The people are unaware of this message because it has not been clearly reported to them, but been hidden from them to keep them from being involved in the debate.

We must change our sources of information in America. Today the patriots only megaphones are the Tea parties and the internet, while the main stream media is silent about the debate on false fiat dollars and the government corruption controlled by the world bankers. The Monetary Elites who control the monetary system, have been purchasing everything they need to take control of the debate, and the nation with false money that is printed from thin air by the Federal Reserve Bankers as they want in complete secrecy.

We must expose this American tragedy by taking our message into the streets and communities to inform the public about the lies that have been perpetrated upon America. We must inform the local communities about the destruction that has been imposed upon us. We must reclaim our news media system so that we can be part of the public debate from which all citizens will have an opportunity to learn.

We must inform the people that we must work diligently so as to return to constitutional law as was originally intended, and resist the Federalists who hide behind the cloak of secrecy. The Federalists have been known by many names throughout the decades, and they are communists, socialist and Progressive ideology created and perpetrated by the World Elite Bankers. Their system only works as long as they are allowed to print all the money that is needed to buy the greedy intentions of its followers.

When “We the People” take back our government, we must not stop until we have ended the roots of the corruption that exists. We can turn America around by eliminating the power of the bankers to imposethe interest and inflation costs of their false fiat money derived from thin air.  We must institute lawful debt free money that is to be used only as a medium of exchange. We must also abolish the unconstitutional laws rules and regulations that have destroyed our industries and the rights and freedoms of Americans to prosper.

“We the People” can rebuild our country so we can live in common law freedom and enjoy the fruits of our labor,  to rebuild our economy and enjoy the unalienable rights of free Americans.  It is that simple because the destruction of America was accomplished through the use of fiat money controlled by the European Bankers. Our economy and the right to work industriously can be restored and corrected within a short period of time probably within one year, if we can make this monumental change. Our lives, and that of our posterity would be much improved for we would have a reliable, safe currency. We would be able to keep what is ours and that is the major aspect of private property that our government shall never take from us again.

To Rebuild America, we must educate ourselves and share that knowledge with our family, friends, neighbors and all others whom we meet. If we know our problems in America and do nothing, we are aiding the treasonous acts that have been promulgated on all Americans.

Thanks for the editorial help of Wayne Leach who has helped in correcting the facts and grammar in my writings. I appreciate any help to make my writings less back woods and more understandable.

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