It is time for a Revolution

We need a Revolution in the way “We the People” deal with our government
We need a Revolution in the way that our government  represents “We the People”

Maine is in the greatest trouble in anytime in our  history. If you don’t live in Maine your own state is in the same trouble. The strife that is coming at us is huge and our problems are on the edge of a virtual collapse. It is like Willey Coyotes has run off that cliff for the last time.

Our government has been hijacked and is controlled by the monetary elite. They control America by controlling our money through a privately owned central banking system. They reap the interest profits from the debt of America and purchased our news and information system and fund our government representation.

“We the People” must organize an American Revolution. It is time to spread the word and insist that our Government operates by the constitution set forth by our founders and enforce our Bill of Rights. The penalty of apathy is to allow the Monetary Elites who have hijacked our nation to achieve their one world order of the United Nations.

The problem is that “We the People”  who receive the news and information from our schools and the news media system do not know a damn thing about what is going on. The government institutions and the main stream news media are lying to us. Today the only free speech information available is on the Internet.

I would like to say that it is time to get involved, but that would be the most incorrect description of our situation. If you are not involved, It is past time to that you got  involved. There are so many of us trying to save our country we need your help. Many of us have found our jobs to do. The jobs that are left are not that hard to do. All most people have to do is stand up with your family, friends and neighbors.

Our government servants know that the public is mad as hell and is not going to take it anymore. The Shadow Government that hijacked and controls this monstrous problem is on full assault against our rights and freedom in America. The Organizations to look at are Bildeberg Meeting Group, Counsel of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and United Nation groups which are all controlled by the Federal Reserve Bank Owners who has the ultimate control of our Federal Government Politicians and the party leadership of our State Government. There are less than 200 outrageously evil or wrong power Elites who actually control this monstrous coming event known as the One World Government. They are planning such a monumentous event to end the Constitution of the United States, end our individual rights and freedoms that our patriot forefathers fought for when they were fighting this original monster over 200 years ago.

Here is my solution in a nutshell:

In order to change how our government servants (politicians) operates, we need to organize the people who they work for, to demand that they operate by the legal document called the Constitution of the State of Maine who demands that our Federal Government operates by the Constitution of the united states in America.

To be a Constitutional functioning state we need to organize the county groups to be able to communicate with all other groups throughout the State. With a good communication system we can all help each other with common goals to advance each others agenda in order to make the necessary changes to take our state back from the Shadow Government that currently controls the government system. If you do not belong to a group of patriots, find one or create one in your own county.

In this communication process we can learn from one another to reach our individual communities and wake them up to the reality of getting involved in the process of demanding good governance from our servants (politicians) we elect.

The biggest issue in communication I have learned is that, we all have our very own agendas. We do not need another over reaching organization to take over what is already working, in many communities. One over reaching organization is susceptible to hijacking by the many shills who join our groups to tear us apart. Also many patriots have their own passions and we must learn tolerance of other ideas with out the arguments that we are strongly use to, in order to get our messages across. There are many people traveling along the trail of knowledge waking up to the reality or our government corruption. We must help them understand what they do not know and not oust them, drive them off or scare them away from the process of a revolutionary reawakening of America.

That is my nutshell Let’s restore the Constitution back into the law of the government.

Lets build a state wide network.

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