Day In Court

These are my  documents I filed and used in my 1st Right to Travel case.

Claim for Arraignment __03c Right to Travel Claim 08-07

Claim for the Case __03c Right to Travel Claim 08-19

Voided the Judgement __03c Void Judgement Filing

These are my working notes for the arraignment for my 2nd traffic case. __03c Right to Travel Court

The 1st Traffic case was good experience where my tactic was to bring claim against the police officers for their violations and to maintain my status as one of the people of Maine and not a Person or United State Citizen. The difficulty was trying to speak from my notes and the judge doing anything to keep me from making my presentation. The case ended after my continual objection and declaring that I do not consent to the hearing process and that jurisdiction had not been established. The judge ignored all of my requests including whether or not he had taken an oath to support the constitutions, and proceeded through to claiming I was guilty for a fine.

I presented the Void judgement to the clerk to be filed on the case and we will see how that turns out.

Feel free to review my documents and I would appreciate any comments and education to make my next 2 cases successful.


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