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Treason and The Right to Bear Arms

TAKE AMERICA BACK (TAB) Spokesperson Phil Merletti 01/18/13 TREASON? #30 As the Progressive radicals and Anti-gun factions raise the debate to a fever pitch, it is essential to not let anyone distract us away from the real facts … Continue reading

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Introduction to the Remonstrance

To the People: You are most likely aware of the enormous problems existent in America, at all levels, most of which were created and/or exacerbated directly by burdensome government rules, regulations, requirements and policies.  This especially holds true for Maine.  … Continue reading

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Maine Remonstrance Document

Maine Remonstrance in PDF Format | Signatory Form in PDF Format We peaceful, God-loving, and Free Maine People are concerned for the future of our State, and therefore support the Remonstrance created and served upon the Governor and Legislature of … Continue reading

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