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The American Government was formed by the Authority of the People of America to be a constitutionally defined republic that protects the common law rights and freedoms of its citizens.

Today our Government operates by a Corporate Democracy, where Americans are ruled with a totalitarian ruled authority and does not act by the authority of the people but has been hijacked by false unconstitutional debt money controlled by World Bankers. Our government system has literally been hijacked and works against the will of the people of America.

It is time that “We the People” educate ourselves about the history, facts and circumstances about our government system and take charge of the authority we hold and demand that our Government representation and personnel operate by the constitutional law of the American Government system.

Our Government system is in trouble and just electing representation to go and correct it for us has not been the answer to the problems of America. The Authority of the American Government system belongs to the people and not to the Bankers and corporations who currently rule it.

It is therefor the duty of the American People to gather together in conference to identify the problems and raise our voices to demand that our government reject the money powers who are in control of our government.  We must demand that our representation listen to our will and reorganize and correct the government system according to the constitutional  law that each representative who we elect swear an oath to.

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